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What are our favorite features?

Flexible solar panels are increasingly being used in various settings including homes, RVs, boats, trucks, and trailers. Most homeowners are now using solar panels in attempts to reduce electricity costs. Others enjoy the convenience of having to power their electrical items when roaming around.

●Powerful panel with higher-than-average efficiency

At around 23%, this solar panel is more efficient than many average devices on the market. In addition, it comes with an integrated blocking diode, which helps prevent reverse current drain, especially at night. This ensures optimum efficiency levels.

●Frameless panel for easy operation

Owing to its 0.1inch thickness and weighing just 4.45 pounds,this 100w flexble solar panel boasts a unique frameless design.You can be fixed onto the desired surface by glue, tape, grommet, or Velcro.This design ensures easy installation.Six metal-reinforced mounting holes for fixing screws,hanging and removing the panel while allowing easy transportation.

●Durable Panel made from PET material

Speaking of the construction, the panel features a special PET film, which has high-temperature resistance, anti-fouling, while still being easy to clean. The durability of this solar panel is remarkable too, thanks to its water-resistant body.

●Flexible panel for installation anywhere

As you would expect with flexible solar panels, the 100w flexible solar panel is bendable to a maximum of 20 degrees, thus encouraging mounting on curved surfaces. In fact, the body is such sturdy and flexible that it can be used on tight spaces or crowded areas that are usually out of bounds for conventional glass and aluminum panels.

Package List

100W Solar Panel=1 pcs 100W flexible solar panel

200W Solar Panel=2 pcs 100W flexible solar panel

300W Solar Panel=3 pcs 100W flexible solar panel

400W Solar Panel=4 pcs 100W flexible solar panel

500W Solar Panel=5 pcs 100W flexible solar panel

600W Solar Panel=6 pcs 100W flexible solar panel

100W Solar Kit Package List

▶100W 16V solar panel *1

▶10A 12V/24V solar charger regulator *1

▶3 meter extend cables *1

▶1 meter cable with alligator clips *1

200W Solar Kit Package List

▶100W 16V solar panel *2

▶20A 12V/24V solar charger regulator *1

▶3 meter extend cable *1

▶1 meter cable with alligator clips *1

▶2-in-1 PV parallel adapter *1

300W Solar Kit Package List

▶100W 16V solar panel *3

▶30A 12V/24V solar charger regulator *1

▶3 meter extend cable *1

▶1 meter cable with alligator clips *1

▶3-in-1 PV parallel adapter *1

600W Solar Kit Package List

▶100W 16V solar panel *6

▶50A 12V/24V solar charger regulator *1

▶3 meter extend cable *1

▶1 meter cable with alligator clips *1

▶6-in-1 PV parallel adapter *1


Maximum Power(Pmax): 100W

Maximum Power Voltage(Vmp): 16.00V

Maximum Power Current (Imp): 6.25A

Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc): 19.2V

Short-Circuit Current (Isc): 6.68A

Maximum System Voltage: DC1000V

Weight: 1.91 KG

Dimensions: 1050*530*2.5mm

(The above data is based on the laboratory standard test environment)

True Test

Panel Connection

1.First wiring,connect the controller to the battery.

first connect cable with alligator clips to controller by screwdriver.Then connect alligator clips(black ) to the negative pole of the battery, next connect alligator clips (red) to the positive pole of the battery,pay attention to the positive and negative poles.After correct connection, the controller will display the voltage parameters of battery.

2.Second wiring, connect the flexible solar panels to the controller.

first connect extend cable to the controller by screwdriver.Then connect connect parallel adapter to the solar panel.If there is only one panel, please ignore this step.Next connect parallel adapter to extend cable.taking care when connecting & disconnecting the connector to avoid damage.Afetr right connection,the controller will display the solar panel is charging the battery.

3. The third step is to connect the DC load to the controller

4. Forth step, connect the invertor to the battery for AC output

How to clean panel?

First, you are regular to check and look for stains and deposits on the solar modules. By using freshwater, you can remove these dirt stains, dust particles, even the occasional bird droppings, alongside other debris that stands to lessen the interaction of the sun and your panels. Fewer chances of sunlight reaching your panels will mean less energy that you can store and use later on. Using water and neutral soap, wipe the surface of the panels carefully and thoroughly.

After cleaning the equipment, thoroughly check for the wirings, the small parts, and the overall structural integrity of the equipment in order to gauge its actual condition.

Información adicional

Ships From

China, SPAIN, Russian Federation

Nominal Capacity

100 Watt

Short-Circuit Current (Isc):


Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc):


Maximum Power Current (Imp):


Maximum Power Voltage(Vmp):


Maximum Power(Pmax):






Max. Power

100W 200W 300W 400W 500W 600W

Number of Cells



Monocrystalline Silicon


600w Solar Panel, 500w Solar Panel, 400w Solar Panel, 300w Solar Panel, 200w Solar Panel, 100w Solar Panel, 100w Solar Kit, 200w Solar Kit, 300w Solar Kit, 600w Solar Kit



Model Number



Solar Panel

Foldable Solar Panel


Flexible Solar Panel


Number of Panels



Mainland China

Brand Name


Product Weight:


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