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Boat High GlossVarnishedTeak Table Top Barrel Shaped450x600/500×700/610x940mmMarineYacht RV Caravan

This classic barrel shaped table top comes in luxury gloss finish.Dual-sided, can be mounted on either side

You can choose to order the table top only or you can choose to order the table that comes with a table pedestal. We have 4 table pedestals that you can choose.


High Gloss Finish

Hand-crafted teak table, very popular among boat owners

Teak is sourced solely from fully grown trees in state-controlled plantations in Indonesia

Solid teak rolled edges with an impressive overall table depth of 40mm (1.6inch)

Dual-sided, can be mounted on either side

Multi directional inlays of solid teak which further enhances the wonderful depth of gloss

Reverse side, the inlay slats are run in one direction, if this is more suited to your liking

The table is good to be used for outdoor and marine boat yacht RV use.

The Glossy Teak Table is available in 3 sizes.

Model   Millimeters        Inches

T-GH4560  450mm x 600mm  17.7″ x 23.6″

T-GH5070  500mm x 700mm  19.7″ x 27.5″

Y-GY642   610mm x 940mm   24″ x 37″

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TGH4560(450x 600mm), TGH5070(500 x 700mm), YGY642(610 x 940mm), TGH4560 With P1, TGH4560 With P2, TGH4560 With P3, TGH5070 With P1, TGH5070 With P2, TGH5070 With P3, T-GY642 With P1, T-GY642 With P2, T-GY642 With P3

Brand Name

Ring Trust


Mainland China




Boat Table Top


Teak Wood


Boat Table Top

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